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Bob Robson believes that a strong education system is the backbone of our state. His hands on classroom experience and legislative experience shows he’s the obvious choice when it comes to ensuring our children’s education.

Bob is working to improve Arizona’s education system by:

  • Giving great teachers the pay they deserve
  • Creating an equitable funding mechanism for Arizona State University
  • Spearheading the effort to reward schools for student achievement and improvement

Bob Robson has been a champion of developing the state’s high tech economy of job creation and education at all levels. It was Bob who solved the inequity of the funding of the state universities, a problem that defied solution for 40 years. He sees his role as that of a problem-solver, not as someone elected to further his political agenda.”

– Dr. Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

Bob Robson championed legislation that provided performance-funding incentives for student achievement and improvement. He also voted for a $6.2 million appropriation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics for the community college system. This allowed community college districts to add faculty, technology, equipment and infrastructure. He spearheaded alternative teacher certification for professionals who are experts in their field of practice. Representative Robson supported successful legislation to include scholarships for students of a parent or guardian who was a member of the military and died in the line of duty.

Robson supported successful segislation that created the Department of Child Safety, establishing a system of internal and external “checks and balances” to ensure compliance with all laws. The new department must put the well being of EACH child ahead of red tape and bureaucracy.

“Investing In And Improving Our Public Education System Are My Two Highest Priorities.”

– Bob Robson

Bob Robson introduced HB 2019  which closed the serious loophole that allowed sex offenders to avoid registering in “temporary residences”. It was signed into law and Sex offenders must NOW register every 90 days in any residence they physically reside.

After working closely with Representative Robson on many pieces of legislation, I have seen his dedication to our state. Through his conservative leadership in the House he has ensured that Arizona’s children have a voice. I am proud of the work Representative Robson has done, so please remember to send him back to the state House!”

– Former Governor Jan Brewer

   Bob’s Priorities

  •  Education

  •  Economy

  •  Immigration