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“Representative Robson has the support of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce for his effective leadership on smart policies that fit Arizona and move our state forward.”

– Todd Sanders, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Bob Robson supports and encourages small business and job creation policies.

He believes in reducing the burden on businesses by:

  • Supporting and Encouraging Business Investment
  • Improving Education to Produce a Stronger Workforce
  • Reducing Regulations on Small Businesses to Create Jobs
  • Targeting Investment to Foster Economic Growth
  • Insisting on Accountability and Transparency in Government
  • Reducing the Tax Burdens on Business


“The great Arizona recovery is being led by leaders such as Representative Bob Robson and Representative Jeff Dial, who have the courage and know how to make tough choices.”

– Andy Tobin, Arizona Speaker of the House

   Bob’s Priorities

  •  Education

  •  Economy

  •  Immigration